Here are some films I’ve worked on—most directly, one indirectly. For the ones you can buy, I have included links to that stuff (disclosure: any links to Amazon are affiliate links, and I get a kickback if you buy using those links).

There are some older shorts not listed here, but you can find more about those on my IMDB page.

Best of Five: The Classic Tetris Champions (2024)

A five-episode docu-series about competitive Tetris players. What does it mean to become the champion of a game that beats you every time? Buy now at

I wrote, directed, and filmed this one with help from Carl King and many others.

Movie poster with the large title Access. Beneath, it shows a man with a guide dog walks through a stylized braille display, with bumps in 8-dot braille rising and falling around him.


A short film featuring Cory Joseph. It shows a day in the life of a technology user who is visually impaired. Read more and watch the (free) film at

I wrote, directed, and filmed this one.

Movie poster for Ode to Joy. It shows Morena Baccarin kissing Martin Freeman on the cheek, in a joyful pose, while Martin Freeman stares at the camera seeming shocked.

Ode to Joy

A feature film inspired by my report for This American Life. While this is fiction and I had nothing to do with making the movie, it’s good!

Buy/rent: Amazon (Paid Affiliate Link)| iTunes

Movie poster for The Lost Arcade. It's a moody night-time image showing the back of a man as he looks toward the neon lights of the Chinatown Fair Arcade. Washes of neon color flow across the image.

The Lost Arcade

A feature documentary about Chinatown Fair by Kurt Vincent and Irene Chin. I was a story consultant on this (meaning I did very little) but still, technically something I helped with.

Buy/rent: Amazon (Paid Affiliate Link)| iTunes

Movie poster for Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters. It shows a computer-generated 3D head with Tetris pieces flying toward it. Text reads: The time has come to crown a champion! It is designed to look like a Nintendo Entertainment System game box.

Ecstasy of Order

A feature documentary by Adam Cornelius. I wrote parts of this film, and it’s about competitive Tetris.

Buy/rent: Amazon (Paid Affiliate Link) | iTunes

Movie poster for This is Not a Conspiracy Theory. It is very minimal, with rough text on a distressed background. At the bottom, text reads: A serial documentary about the forces that shape out lives. From the creator of Everything is a Remix.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

A feature documentary by Kirby Ferguson. I did a variety of camera work and “performed” a few tiny roles.

Buy/rent: Vimeo | Kirby’s Website

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